Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moab Bike Trip: Snowstorms at 1am

Day 14: The Drive Home

Back before this trip began, our plan had been four days of sightseeing down to Moab, maybe six or seven days down there, then drive home through the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas.  Then we fell in love with the place and didn't want to leave, shortening the drive home to just Friday/Saturday, 1000km a day.

Then sitting at Arby's at lunch on Friday in Ogden, Utah, I happened to make this ingenious comment that if it was up to me I'd drive straight through instead of spending money on a hotel and basically sitting at said hotel waiting to leave again the next morning.  Why not skip the waiting and get home faster? Richer?

I'll tell you why.  Because Matt was injured and I single-handedly signed myself up for a 20 hour, 2000km drive.  Go me.

Oh ya, and at 1 o'clock in the morning, the traffic advisory sign 100 miles East of Seattle was flashing.  In my unfocused, scrambled egg brain, I thought to myself, "must not be working properly, who has a traffic jam at 1am?".   Ya, no, that was because there was a severe weather advisory.  Go me.

Moab Day 14

Thank you Mr. Snowplow for clearing the road to Snoqualmie Pass.

But hey, we made it.  And having the whole weekend at home to rest and recuperate and unpack before heading back to work *almost* made it worth it.

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