Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moab Bike Trip: Mudphobia

Day 8: Arches National Park

Moab mud is legen - wait for it - just keep waiting till it dries, cause you're not going anywhere until then...

So we have heard, anyways. And experienced a little on the first day, when we rode over some slightly damp ground. Even that was an experience I would rather not repeat. So when we woke up to pounding rain and a forecast calling for more of the same all morning, we decided to give biking a miss.

Moab Day 8

After a morning of sorting out random junk, we headed to Arches National Park. The original idea was to scope out locations for a star shot I had in mind. I'm picturing the north star framed by the "delicate arch" (see below), with the stars swirling around, and the arch lit up in an interesting way by flashlight... I'm sure you can imagine it. Amazing. Unfortunately, you're going to have to keep imagining it, because there is a long list of reasons why it won't work. Chief among them being a bright full moon all night right now. And the delicate arch having a cliff to its immediate south.

Moab Day 8

So next trip, maybe.

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon though.

Moab Day 8

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