Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moab Bike Trip: First Impressions

Quick Note: There seems to be an abundance of free internet across the USA.  This means that we will probably put up some posts about how the trip is going when we have some spare time, but the posts will almost definitely be a few days outdated by the time they appear.  So here we go:

Day One: Vancouver, BC to Pendleton, OR
Day Two: Pendleton, OR to Wendover, NV

I believe that one of the best parts about traveling is the combination of being in a new place with a lot of time to think. I find that in addition to learning things about that place, you tend to analyze yourself and what you have back home, and I find that the important things become more clear. You learn about yourself, too.

For example, I had always thought of the great U.S. of A. as a place where the environment went to die. A place whose inhabitants spent most of their time drinking diluted beer, eating too much, and shooting anything that wandered into view. To put it mildly.

However. Within the first three hours of entering the country I had seen more wind farms and more solar power installations then I have ever seen in Canada. They have wildlife crossings. The rest stops on their highway systems are amazing. (and this isn't even California, this is Washington state) So I have been forced to admit: some of the ideas above aren't entirely accurate.

Some of them, however, are dead on.

Moab trip

This was within two hours of the border. I'm not sure how to interpret this. Are there gas station hoodlums I should be concerned about? Are there roving highway gangs? Is this an important fashion accessory? Are the Russians coming?

Of course, the next sign we passed read "Miracle Hot Springs - Next Two Exits...Danger, Alligators"

Oh. Alligators. Should have known.

Other things I have learned, although not nearly as mind blowing:

- Oregon looks a lot like I pictured Nevada would look like.
- Idaho is not covered in Potatoes. There is a potato farm at the border. I think maybe people see that, think "yup. Potatoes." and then turn around. Because we drove right down through to the opposite border, and I didn't see another potato. In fact, it looked a lot like how I had pictured Nevada.
- I had a pretty accurate picture of Nevada.

Moab trip

And finally: when traveling through Casino country, do not go online and book campsites ahead. I'm typing this out from my tent in a crappy trailer park next to the highway for $25 a night. $14 more and I could be sitting in a casino hotel room, with unlimited free drinks downstairs. Fail.

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