Saturday, January 29, 2011

Callaghan Valley

Heading to the Callaghan valley (XC ski, ski jump, etc during the Olympics).  Supposedly some good access to nice tours.  We are planning on one of Sproat, Rainbow or Gin peaks, and camping somewhere along the way.

 - Map of drive to parking area - the three of them are immediately to the East of the parking area.

Report: Access was ridiculous. Ended up being faster to bootpack and posthole most of the way through the forest than ski it.  But well worth it once we got out on top.  And nice to be camping again. Also discovered the Whistler Olympic Park is spectacular and very well done. Makes you want to take up cross country skiing.

[ridiculous access]

 [well worth it]

Friday, January 14, 2011

Action, finally

It's been a rough two weeks of work, but it looks like we'll finally be able to get out to the backcountry this weekend.  Sort of.  Caroline's work "Christmas Party" is tonight, so it would be a late start on Saturday morning. And all of this new snow means an uncooperative avalanche forecast.

So. Running laps at Elfin Lakes / Red Heather Meadows it is.  Should be good - it will be the first time in the backcountry this entire winter season, and I can keep working on those tele-turns.

Click here for the map - after the parking lot, you can see a very visible trail heading out into the woods. We'll be somewhere along there.

In other news, we've discovered that we can go for a quick skin-up ski-down run at Cypress in the morning and still make it to work by 9am. This is our latest attempt:

Monday, January 3, 2011