Friday, November 4, 2011

Moab Bike Trip: Snowstorms and Tumble Weeds

Day 4: Salt Lake City, UT to Moab, UT

I have two regrets for today, both missed opportunities:

1. Taking a picture of one of the enormous tumbleweeds that tumbled across the highway as we crossed the highlands on the east side of the Wasatch mountains

2. Hitting one with the car.

I tried pretty hard for number 2, but the things just come out of nowhere. You'd think you would be able to see them coming, but they seem to sneak through the brush and then make a sudden run for it across the road. Harder to hit than a deer.

Moab Day 4

I did not expect to have either of those regrets this morning. The day started bright and early at about 2am when I woke up to the wind tearing our tent pegs out of the ground. That's always a fun sound. After we finally got the tent back up and secured with boulders, the rain started. At one point the wind was strong enough that it was actually driving some rain through the fly.

Moab Day 4

By 8am it had quieted down enough to break camp and get the  off of Antelope Island. The snow line was only about 50m higher than our camp, so our plans to spend the day checking out the bike trails, stalking bison, and climbing one of the mountains will have to wait till next trip.

We then drove through what felt like four climate zones and weather systems, which seemed to get worse and worse until we hit Moab. Rainy and windy across Salt Lake City, turning to a full blown snowstorm up the pass (complete with upside-down-truck-in-a-ditch), even colder on the other side of the pass, ridiculously windy across the tumbleweed flats... Still windy and rainy here, but it supposedly will clear up by morning.

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