Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moab Bike Trip: Best

Day 11: Bartlett Wash and the M & M Trail

It is hard to argue with a day that starts like this:

Moab Day 11

And ends like this:

Moab Day 11

We started in the Bartlett Wash.  The trail itself turned out to be a little too exposed to ride more than a few kilometers in, but we turned around and found ourselves in an enormous slickrock playground. I think we probably spent half an hour with me riding circles over the same ledge until we got a picture that I thought sufficiently mis-represented my prowess at jumping big ledges.

On the drive out from that area, we saw a sign for the "M&M" trail, and on a whim figured we would give it a go. The screenshot below is the what the route turned out to be.  If I can ever figure out how to put a file up on this blog for people to download, I will do that.  For now I can only leave a screenshot, but you can see that we were in for a nice surprise.  The straight section you see in the middle was the only section of the trail that wasn't completely amazing - a sandy, hilly road is a lot of work on the way up, but pays for itself on the way down.

Moab Day 11

Safe to say: best day yet.

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