Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moab Bike Trip: Acrophobia

Day 7: Canyon Overlook

So far I have gotten the impression that Moab rides are split fairly evenly between one of two distinct categories: "Moab" rides, and "Jeep trails".

It's hard to describe what a "Moab" ride is, but you know it when you're on one. That's beside the point though, since today was a Jeep Trail.

Sounds sort of disappointing, or boring, right? That was my initial thought as well. But then we rode up to this:

Moab Day 7

And suddenly I found it hard to complain.

It ended up being about 10km each way, on fairly fast dirt Jeep Track. Some sandy bits, but they didn't last long and were for the most part ridable. The canyon lookouts at the end were amazing. We also saw the roads that form RAWROD, or Ride Around White Rim in One Day - it is just over 100 miles to complete the full circuit of basically everything we could see. That has been put on the tentative list for this trip. A century is definitely doable on road bikes. A dirt century...maybe. We'll see how we're feeling in a few days.

Moab Day 7

We also accidentally took a "green circle" jeep road on the way back to the highway in the car. Yes. Off roading is so popular around here that they rate the roads like ski hills. Our bike route was a blue square, and there were some parts that I couldn't ride at all. I'd love to see what a black diamond road looked like. From a bike, though.

Moab Day 7

Moab Day 7

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