Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scrambling on the Coast: A Success Story

Coming back from our latest attempt on the Black Tusk, Caroline and I started thinking about our other hikes and scrambles that have or have not been entirely successful in terms of summitting, and what our success rate was.  Here is the list:

April 2009       The Chief                 Success!
May 2009       The Black Tusk        Fail - too much snow, not enough time  
June 2009       Mount Webb            Fail - too much snow, hail and misery
July 2009        Ashlu Mountain        Fail - not enough time
July 2009        Tricouni Mountain     Success!
August 2009    Tricouni Mountain     Success!
Sept. 2009      Sky Pilot Group        Fail - too much rain, fog and misery
Nov. 2009       Singing Pass             Success!
April 2010       Garibaldi Neve          Fail - too much rain, injury and misery
June 2010       Lady Peak               Fail - too much snow, rain and misery
July 2010        Ashlu Mountain        Fail - too much snow
July 2010        Tricouni Mountain     Fail - too much snow
August 2010    Tantalus Range        Fail - too much rain, fog and misery
Sept. 2010      E.C. Manning           Fail - snowstorm
Jan 2011         Rainbow Mountain    Fail - not enough time
Feb 2011        Needle Peak            Fail - blizzard
March 2011     Zoa Peak                 Success!
April 2011       Garibaldi Neve          Success! (injury notwithstanding)
July 2011        Castle Towers          Fail - too much rain, snow, hail, and fog
August 2011   Sky Pilot Group        Fail - too much snow
Sept. 2011     The Lions                  Fail - too much rain, fog and misery
Oct. 2011       The Black Tusk         Fail - too much snow, not enough time


Maybe we should try getting up earlier?


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