Saturday, October 15, 2011

Biking in Mountainous Terrain

One of the last things on our "must do before this summer is over" list was to go back to the Elfin Lakes shelter, to see what it was like without 15 feet of snowcover.   The last time we visited, the hut seemed to be missing the bottom story. This was it in winter:

2011.04.08 Neve (25)

Obviously we approached on skis, dragging a sled.  But now, since it was summer, this time we would roll.

Much better option.  And the sun came out just as we hit the ridgeline.

2011.10.09 Elfin (11)

Things have changed a little since April.

2011.10.09 Elfin (12)

So that's checked off.  I'm ready for the snow.

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