Thursday, October 11, 2012

World's Info

So this is it.  We leave Kelowna tomorrow morning for Vancouver.  We will be staying there until our flight out, later on Sunday night.  Then we lose a day of our lives, touchdown in Fiji briefly, and arrive in New Zealand.

Some general information is below.  As we find out more we will update the blog.

Race Times:

Both of our races are on Monday morning, the 22nd of October, New Zealand time.  We will be starting in separate waves:

Matt - starts at 7:03 AM. Hopefully I will finish in 1:15 or less, which puts me in the finish chute around 8:15 AM.  (that equates to Sunday in Canada. 11:03AM start / 12:15PM finish PDT, or 2:03PM start / 3:15PM  finish EDT)
Caroline - starts at 8:45 AM. Caroline's target is 2:30 or less, which puts her in the finish chute around 11:15 AM.  (that equates to Sunday in Canada. 12:45PM start / 3:15PM finish PDT, or 3:45PM start / 6:15PM finish EDT)

Please don't ask me to do those time changes again.  You may want to check my numbers.

You can find the starting list here.  Notice that for the 80+ year old males in the sprint distance, all they have to do is finish to get a medal.  The 75 year old woman is guaranteed gold.  Not a bad way to go into the race.

Race Numbers:

Matt -  1148
Caroline -  4135

Course Maps:

Follow the links below:

Sprint Course Maps (Matt)

Olympic Course Maps (Caroline)

Live Streaming:

We were directed to this link for live streaming information.  It appears that there will be live streaming video of the finish line, as well as commentary and results.  Can't guarantee anything, but it's worth a shot.

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