Friday, October 19, 2012

One More Day

...and I am super sick.

I have mixed feelings about writing that, since it sounds like I am already making excuses for a poor performance before I even race.  I thought it would be more heroic to just suffer through it, maybe.

Well.  I have been complaining to Caroline all day, and it looks like it will extend to the internet also.  It came on incredibly fast last night, and I have basically spent the day in bed.  My only hope at this point is that if it comes on fast, it will work its way through my system fast as well, and by tomorrow night I will be feeling OK.  Not the ideal race prep, but not really anything I can do about it either.


Yesterday the swim course was opened up for us to do a practice lap or two, and get used to the water.  This was pleasantly surprising - during the aquathlon a few days back it was so wavy and rough that people had to be pulled from the water.  The temperatures have been a concern also, with officials only giving a range of 14-16 degrees Celcius.  Most people, myself especially so, were pretty worried.  But - it turned out to be relatively calm, and the water was almost... refreshing.  Definitely wetsuits required, but nothing like Banff which we raced at the beginning of September.   The sprint course is below - the two yellow bouys have to be swum around for one lap total.  The Olympic course is twice as long, but instead of doing two laps, is just extended to a sort of T shape out in the harbour.


Today Caroline went down to watch the Pro Women's race.  They are pretty quick.  You should definitely click on the picture below (a few times) to maximise it to see the whole thing.  That section of whitewater on the right is them swimming.


Tomorrow is the Pro Men's race, and then we check our bikes into transition that night.  Getting close.

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