Monday, January 2, 2012

(Not So) Revelstoked

Ah, Revelstoke.  You are a super frigging far way away from Vancouver, but it always seems worth it.

3:30am (EST) Friday Morning: we wake up
4am: we leave for the airport in Toronto.
7am: parents and Tom depart for Calgary
8am: we are supposed to depart for Vancouver
10:30am: we actually do depart for Vancouver
12:30pm (PST): arrive in Vancouver
3:30pm: depart for Revelstoke (in our car)
10:30pm: arrive in Revelstoke
11:30pm: sleep.

Long day. 23 hours actually.  But totally worth it. In the beginning, anyways.  (that's foreshadowing)

The first day of skiing was fantastic. Did a sampling of pretty much the whole mountain - from ravine skiing to peak skiing, plus some groomers.  I think the diversity is one of the best parts of Revelstoke that I have seen - usually only one of the three categories above will be good on any one day.  Revelstoke seems to always be good in every sense.

Revelstoke Christmas 2011

Revelstoke Christmas 2011

On the second day we decided to show our parents just how fantastic the upper Southside is, and thought it would be a great place to try and get some ski pictures worthy of a ski magazine.

Revelstoke Christmas 2011
(look at this pro photoshoot)

Revelstoke Christmas 2011
(yes, this is Caroline)

Revelstoke Christmas 2011

Very satisfied with how these turned out.  Thanks to Mike for some of the editing.  As always, you can click on any of the pictures to go to Flickr for more.

But in the end, as with every good ski trip, someone has to break their arm:

Revelstoke Christmas 2011

This was an unfortunate first run of the day for my Mom.  I hope the story and pictures are worth it in the end.

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