Saturday, December 17, 2011

Revelstoke Backcountry

Delayed post again this week.  But I also just worked 50 hours in 4 days, so cut me a little slack.

Last weekend we headed up to Revelstoke to meet Mike and give him a quick introduction to the Shangri-La that is backcountry skiing.  We could not have asked for a better day.

2011.12.09 Revvy (11)

I think as soon as this happened our case was made and we could have gone home.  But we pressed onwards, and slightly upwards.

2011.12.09 Revvy (31)

Shrew Mountain is what we are looking at.  I would have been able to chalk it down as a first ascent, except for an extremely inconsiderate set of footprints that went right up to the top.  You can see that the top is a little overhanging and cornice-y... we couldn't tell if there was a set of footprints coming back from the ledge.  So I will chalk it up as a first ascent with successful descent.  Unless he had a parachute, I guess.  I suppose that's almost likely around these parts.  In any case, a very successful day.  Hopefully this is the first of many more this season.

2011.12.09 Revvy (36)

(as always, clicking on any of the pictures will take you to Flickr for the rest)

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