Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend of Races

Both Caroline and I had a race on this weekend, and for once neither of us were competing in we each finally got a race crew.  Definitely a nice change.

The Squamish Gearjammer was first.  This is a 53km "cross country" point to point mountain bike race through Squamish.  This was my first mountain bike race, and I learned one very important lesson:

Residents of coastal BC have a very loose definition of "cross country".

So the race was an experience, to say the least.  Here is me coming up the hill that comes right after the "Powerhouse Plunge".  I am told most locals really enjoy this trail, and consider it a great relax before the next climb. I pretty much walked the entire way down.

Squamish Gearjammer 2011

You'll notice I am alone.  That means I am either way out in front, or way out in back.

Anyways.  Caroline's race, "Diva on the Run" was more of a success.  She even got a feather boa, and was covered in sparkles.  You may be starting to understand why we weren't both entered in both races now.  Her result was 7th overall, and 1st in her age group:

Diva Run

Today was spent drinking chocolate milk and lying on the couch.  And watching movies about bike racing.

(clicking either of the above will take you to a few more pictures of the weekend)

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