Monday, January 7, 2013

Okanagan Mountain Dog Test

We had a quick (very quick) night out in Okanagan Mountain park this weekend - the idea was to make sure the dog didn't explode spending a night out in the cold, with a very easy escape route if it looked like there was going to be trouble.

2013.01.05 - Okanagan Mtn (3)

It was a success.  I think the dog may have been more comfortable than we were - as it was only -8 degrees, and we had our full winter tent and -20/-30 bags.  Being too hot in the winter is awkward.  We also decided that sleds are an absolute must for any multiple night ski trip.  Even with the bare minimum for a single night, the weight of our packs focuses most of your attention on your shoulders, rather than where you are.

2013.01.05 - Okanagan Mtn (2)

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