Friday, November 30, 2012

Back on Dirt

We finally dusted off the Mountain bikes two weekends ago and headed up to Kamloops.  We had enough snow to make riding in the Kelowna area difficult, but not enough to go skiing - Grasslands Provincial Park it was.

We also got to ride with Dan, which was nice.  Plus he fed us dinner afterwards.

2012.11.15 - Kamloops (3)

This park is what sold me on mountain biking. 

2012.11.15 - Kamloops (4)

Perfect Singletrack.

2012.11.15 - Kamloops (5)

2012.11.15 - Kamloops (6)

We've come here to ride a few different times.  We have ridden two different areas in the park, and both were so good that we have never wanted to risk wasting time by exploring other areas that might not be as good.  Of course, they could be better.  If that was possible.  

2012.11.15 - Kamloops (9)

Kash was never far behind.

2012.11.15 - Kamloops (2)

Unless there were cows to be chased.

Maybe next year we'll take a long weekend so we can ride our favourite trails and explore some more.  It's almost a shame that the season is over.

2012.11.15 - Kamloops
(50% cow poo)

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