Thursday, March 10, 2011

Garibaldi Névé - 2nd Attempt - Kaiboshed

Plans were for the Garibaldi Neve traverse this weekend. 3 days across what is apparently one of the best traverses in North America. Look how gorgeous it looks, even in the summer:

Last year we started up the trail, and it was raining so hard we couldn't see the cabin from 40 feet away. We stayed in the cabin overnight, and then went back the same way we had come.  I think it was not raining for about 10 minutes the entire weekend.

This year we looked at the weather forecast before we left.  They are calling for 50cm of snow in 3 days. Which sounds fun, but means you can't see the beautiful neve that is the entire point of the trip. Also means avalanche danger is extremely high.

So we will be reading books this weekend.  And planning our winter vacation. Which brings me to my question: which trip should we do?

1) An Epic Ski Traverse
         - Pemberton Icefield
         - Misty Icefield
2) A Remote Ski Adventure
         - Bella Coola by Ferry
         - Alaska Road + Ski Trip
3) A Nice and Relaxed Ski Vacation
         - Eldorado Cabin
         - Athelney Pass
4) Forget It. Let's Go Somewhere Warm.
         - Hawaii Bike Trip

All of these options sound good, but none are good enough compared to the others that make us excited to get planning them.  We've been thinking about this for a month now. If we're not careful, we're going to run out of winter. Sample pictures (not ours) are below, to give a feel for the type of vacation.


Arriving at Bella Coola





  1. I got halfway through writing this in poem form but nothing rhymes with Hawaii, so I'll just state my opinion.

    The ski traverse wins the picture contest, but Hawaii is also cool. You have done things recently that are similar to the other two skiing ones, so they should go.

    So that's my vote, as I enjoy living vicariously. It comes down to whether or not you want to be warm and go biking, or stay cold. I think I would further vote stay cold, as summer is coming all too soon and you're going to be plenty hot then.

    As the first poster, anyone who disagrees with me is wrong.

  2. Apparently you've scared them all off!!!